New Jerseys For New York

Back in August, the Mets celebrated the 40th anniversary of their 1969 World Championship team.  Players such as Tom Seaver, Jerry Koosman and Nolan Ryan returned for the on-field celebration while wearing their 1969 home jerseys.  As long-time Mets fans know, these jerseys were not the white jerseys we’ve become used to seeing.  They were cream colored.

About seven weeks ago, I wrote this post about the Mets considering some changes to their home jerseys for the 2010 season.  According to MetsBlog, this will indeed happen and it will come to a store near you just in time for the holiday season.

The jerseys will be reminiscent of the home uniforms worn by the Mets in the 1960s.  They will be cream-colored and will feature pinstripes.  The black shadow that has been present on the lettering of Mets jerseys since 1999 will not be featured on the new home jersey.  Although there will be no black present on these new jerseys, there is no word on whether the black jerseys will be eliminated as well.

The jerseys are due to go on sale on November 27, the day after Thanksgiving.  So on a day known as Black Friday, the Mets will be selling a new uniform with no black on it.  The irony department was working overtime with that one.

Who knows?  Maybe if the Mets can sell a few million of these new jerseys on Black Friday, they’ll have enough money to take with them to the Winter Meetings.  Then they might be able to afford some of the free agents that the fans have been clamoring for!

Seriously, it’s nice to see the Mets changing their jerseys to something fans might actually like.  The black jerseys were cool at first, but it just didn’t represent the Mets.  Management is doing well to bring back these jerseys, but now they have to remember that no alterations to the jerseys will matter if the product on the field stinks.  When they introduce the new jerseys with the obligatory press conference, they’d better remember that the fans want to see more press conferences this winter, perhaps featuring the players who are going to take the Mets back to where those 1969 Mets went to in their cream-colored jerseys.  Let’s hope the new jerseys bring about new hope at Citi Field.

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