Mets Trying To Pull Another Vladimir Guerrero

Last month, during a much ballyhooed appearance with Mike Francesa on WFAN, Omar Minaya and Jeff Wilpon seemed to indicate that the Mets would be major players in the free agent market this winter. They stated that their the top targets would be a number two starting pitcher and a big time power hitter. (Their words, not mine.) 

They also made it clear that money was not an object and that Omar Minaya was free to pursue any of the top free agents without fear of a cut in payroll. In fact, Wilpon himself said that payroll may very well increase. That was then, and this is now…

Jon Heyman of, reported on Monday that the Mets are very leery of committing to starting pitcher John Lackey because of concerns about a potential arm injury. Really?

This is the first time that anything regarding Lackey and his potential for injury has been reported.

Apparently, the Mets’ crack medical staff, who were the absolute worst in diagnosing the myriad of their own injuries, have raised the alert in the Mets front office regarding Lackey. Or is this more of the same old Wilpon shenanigans?  I smell a rat…

The Mets have played this card before.

Remember back when Vladimir Guerrero first became a free agent?

At the time, the Mets were worried about a potential back injury. Of course Vlad went on to win the MVP that season and compile a Hall of Fame caliber resume since that infamous Mets prognosis. During the span of the six year deal he signed with the Angels, Guerrero averaged 604 at-bats, 30 homeruns, and 103 RBI’s per season. Oh and one more important thing to note…

The Angels went to the post season five times during Guerrero’s six year deal.

If the Mets don’t have the stomach for a bidding war on John Lackey, why don’t they just admit it?

Do they really think that their fan base is so ignorant that they can con us the way Madoff conned them?

How do you think John Lackey and his agent feel today after learning that the Mets made their fears of a Lackey injury public?

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when that dung hit the fan.

What the Mets did was ensure that John Lackey will never wear the Mets uniform.

They did it in a way that would soften the blow for Mets fans by raising the fear level and sounding the alert at a time when the word “injury” would make most Mets fans shudder.

From a devious point of view, their plan is brilliant.

Unfortunately, that farce may actually work on many Mets fans, and that’s what Minaya and Wilpon are banking on.

If enough Mets fans fall for it, then they can go ahead and bank the $90 million dollars that they would have had to pay John Lackey.

Instead, Lackey will most likely join Sabathia, Burnett and Pettitte in the Bronx next season.

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