From Schneider to Snyder

It’s a no doubter that Brian Schneider will not be returning to the Mets in 2010. (And rightfully so) He spent some time on the disabled list, along with his fellow Mets, and when he did get a chance to play he was sub-par. He got passed over for the starting job by two rookie catchers. That’s sad.

One of the positions the Mets need to fix up is catching. It’s well known that Josh Thole will be starting the season in the minors for further developing. Schneider obviously will be gone, and Santos is mostly a backup and really shouldn’t play everyday it if the Mets plan to beat the Phillies for the NL East title.

Some catchers including Bengie Molina have been mentioned for the Mets to go after, but I would like to throw another name into the mix. Chris Snyder.

There has been plenty of speculation that Snyder would be dealt this offseason with the emergence of  backup catcher Miguel Montero last season. Snyder, who signed a three-year, $14.25 million extension last winter, was hampered for most of the 2009 season with back problems that eventually required surgery and limited him to just 61 games. He hit .200 with six homers and 22 RBIs. reported that, a potential deal between the D-backs and Blue Jays that would have sent Chris Snyder to Toronto and Lyle Overbay to Arizona has been put on hold.

Could this be an opportunity for the Mets?

Snyder is certainly not known for being a great hitter, but he can hold his own at the plate, and who knows, maybe the Mets could swing something to get Dan Haren or Mark Reynolds in a deal as well.

Leave us your thoughts and opinions.

One more thing – Does anyone else find it weird that the Mets have had four catchers this season (at one point carrying three) and now the Mets have one?