The Sum Of All Fears

On September 23rd I bogged on this site the following:

“One final word on the nightmare campaign of Jose`Reyes. ENOUGH!

You have had four months of rest and rehabilitation and how has that satiated the goal to return to action? Now with the season about to be placed in mothballs you sing the same old song.

Forgetaboutit, Jose’, it’s time to mull Plan B. That is going under the knife (disregard the sanctimonious speech above-he’s had ample time to recover according to his time table) . Obviously, the current course of rehab has not worked.”

My greatest fears have been realized my friends. Now Jose has gone and completely torn his hamstring muscle trying to “rehab” this incessant injury. Heads have to roll. Ironically, the news was reported on the day the Mets found more calamity on the field.

I’ll give it to this flaky organization; they are well balanced, court jesters on and off the field. K-Rod pours gasoline on the fire and the Mets find a way to add another indiscretion to a season chock full of them-the latest getting swept by the lowly Nats.

However, that is just a sidebar to the Reyes Fiasco. He had four months of rest and rehab and now we arrive at the last option. Surgery. Oh, what a surprise. Yes, by all means lets jeopardize the return of the offensive catalyst for the start of the 2010 campaign.

With all the questionable decisions management has uncorked this season, why should the Reyes saga be any different? You expected normalcy here? Why the Mets did not put a deadline on Reyes’ return and treatment flies with a bagful of misadventures that has transpired this season.

Yesterday on WFAN, Mike Francesa finally chimed in on the Reyes return and bellowed on 50,000 watts, “what are they waiting for,” in regards to cutting the short stop so he will have ample time to heal and be ready for spring training. Sorry Mike, I beat you to this pontification.

Before I get a blister patting myself on the back, many Mets fans have been wondering vociferously all summer when the Reyes situation will come to a head. When will the Mets front office, the medical team, and Reyes (if you think he had no say you are off base) arrive on the same page?

Turns out, on the last weekend of the season they (might) finally have. You see, patience is a virtue! All Mets fans had to do was wait. Just be patient until Reyes’ completely tore his hamstring, in the name of rehab, and had no choice but to meet the anesthesiologist. Guess he won’t be playing winter ball now.

Cut the Circus Music.