Say It Ain’t So Pedro

The burning question for Mets fans is who to root for in this year’s World Series, the Yankees or the Phillies? Both are hated, both are outstanding teams replete with thumpers that make Mets fans queasy with envy.

While many ruminate on which team to root for, let me simplify the equation, and flip over the question. Who will you root against?

Let’s start with Pedro Martinez. After all, he cashed over $50 million of Mets paychecks that you helped supplement with rising ticket prices and insanely exorbitant concessions. And how did Petey pay us back? By winning EIGHT games in the last two years of his Mets contract.

And then having the chutzpa to ask for $5 million for the 2009 campaign. On the heels of a 5-6 record. A million a win, is the new math according to Martinez. He should’ve played for next to nothing as an Ode to Mets fans, that supported him for four seasons. Moreover, only the first was stellar (15-8 .282, 217 IP).

Three out of four seasons the numbers mediocre: 17-15. In fact, he pitched more innings down the stretch for the Phillies (44.2) than in all of 2007 (28) for the Mets. When the team collapsed with 17 games to play Pedro was nursing another injury. Like in the post-season in 2006, when one more win puts the team into the World Series.

Pedro failed to answer the bell time and time again in his Mets tenure (and don’t get all fuzzy about his signing “bringing credibility” to the organization-you are judged by wins and losses in professional sports).

Then to add insult to injury (sorry) seeing Pedro take place in the NL Pennant celebration after he played a bit part (5-1 with plenty of run support) was blood boiling. If he is not the biggest phony on the planet, he is a contender.

So root against Pedro, the Phillies, and the Yankees, maybe you will get lucky with one or more.