Mets Considering Uniform Changes In 2010

According to a New York Post blog by Bart Hubbuch, team officials are saying that the Mets are considering some significant changes to their uniforms in 2010.

The pinstripes that have been a staple of their home jerseys since their inception in 1962 may be on the way out.  Also being considered is a cream-colored uniform to be worn at Citi Field instead of the current snow white jerseys.  The cream-colored jerseys would be similar to the throwback uniforms the Mets wore in August, seen here being modeled by David Wright.

Hubbuch’s blog did not say whether the large “NY” would be across the chest or if it would be the usual script “Mets” logo that has been a part of all the Mets’ home uniforms throughout the years.

Nothing official was confimed by Jay Horwitz, but he did say that the team would do “something” with their uniforms next year although he did not go into specifics.

My personal opinion on this is blah.  If the Mets are considering making any changes, they should start with the players wearing the uniforms, not the uniforms themselves.  It’s clear that this is a move by ownership to sell more jerseys and T-shirts, just as the black jerseys in 1999 did the same thing.  Being the hypocrite that I am, I bought myself one of those black jerseys, but I probably won’t buy a cream-colored jersey until the product on the field is better.

Before the addition of the black jerseys in 1999, the last time the Mets made a significant change in their uniforms was 1993, when they made an alteration to the font of the word “Mets” and added a tail underneath it.  Here is Mets pitching legend Anthony Young modeling that monstrosity jersey.

The Mets finished the 1993 season with a 59-103 record, their first 100-loss season since 1967.  After the baseball strike cut the 1994 season short, the Mets came back in 1995 sans those depressing duds.  I’m not saying this new potential significant change for 2010 will produce more lean years, but…

…okay, I am saying it.  Please don’t get rid of the pinstripes!  If you need to make more money, spend it on better players, not a better tailor.  Then when the team is better, fans will put more green into your pockets.  I’m just sayin’…

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