Memoirs of an Angry Mets Fan

Being a Mets fan is hard in general. Try being a Mets fan in Florida. You have idiots in Red Sox shirts come up to you and say, “What happened to you guys?” You have Marlins fans that didn’t show up to Dolphin…err…Land Shark Stadium came up to you and use expletives and lack the general common sense of a bandwagon fan. Florida, unlike other sports cities, has a neat mixture of different baseball fans. Sadly, I think I am the only Mets fan in Southwest Florida. My #1 Fan vanity plate says so.

This season, some really crappy decisions were made and I was anxiously awaiting the day where we called up the Brooklyn Cyclones to replace the Mets. Or at least for the day where the Mets would have to hold open tryouts. Luckily, that didn’t happen.

With the news that Jose Reyes tore his hamstring while testing his torn hamstring tendon, I feel like we are very near the bottom. The bottom would be a firesale (although it has worked for the Marlins). Jose Reyes is the face of our medical blunders, playing in 36 games and being listed as day-to-day for 12 days before being placed on the 15-day DL. I hope for our core’s sake, he does come back in time for spring training.

I don’t think firing Jerry or firing Omar is the answer. You can’t blame Jerry for trying to work with what he’s got, which was essentially David Wright and AAA Buffalo. The lack of depth in the farm system does ultimately fall on the general manager but Omar has made some good moves in the past to try and help us. Getting Frenchy has to be the deal of the year. Hopefully, in the offseason, we can TRADE for a legitimate left fielder, as that position has been a black hole for the last 3 seasons. I do think, however, both of them should be placed on tight, tight leashes. I think the only coach I would retain is HoJo; sure, we’re dead last in home runs but we’re 2nd in the NL in batting average, an eye-opener to me.

While most fans have undoubtedly moved on to football, I’m still checking scores and watching high(low)lights. I’m still a Mets fan; I have to see the end of this atrocious season. LGM.

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