Jeff Wilpon Takes No Responsibility

With the 2009 season finally over, the rebuilding for 2010 officially has started.  Yesterday Jeff Wilpon along with Jerry Manuel and Omar Minaya had a press conference, discussing this horrible 2009 season and what to look forward to for the 2010 season. Later on in the afternoon/early evening Jeff Wilpon, Omar Minaya and Dave Howard went on WFan to talk with Mike Francesa.

Fred Wilpon reiterated in the press conference as well as on the radio with Mike Francesa that the Mets are dedicated to delivering a championship-caliber team next year.  He also said that what happened this past season was disappointing and unacceptable.  Jeff made statements that make for nice sound bites and encourages fans to buy season tickets for 2010.

However, there are some things that Jeff Wilpon said that shows what is wrong with this organization.  Instead of admitting their mistakes and fessing up to what went wrong this season Jeff continued to make excuses.

On The Handling Of Injuries: Jeff said that the reason for the mishandling of the injuries was that most of the injuries happened while the team was on the road and that the team relied too heavily on other team doctors.  This is without a doubt a big cop out.  They could have easily put the injured player on a plane back to New York and got them looked at by their own doctors.  He even said on WFan that Jose’s calf injury was misdiagnosed while on the road and they didn’t learn of this injury until he got back from the West Coast.  One of your star players, you don’t send to a team doctor to get checked out?  You wait until something else develops?

Free Agents/Trades/Budget/Jerry Manuel:  Jeff put all this responsibility solely on Omar Minaya.  When asked about how much the budget will be and how agressive the Mets would be with free agents and the trade market he said over and over it depends on who Omar wants to make this team a championship calibur team.  He never gave an exact number or for that matter an estimate on what ownership has in mind for a budget, just “as much as Omar needs.”  What a way to throw your General Manager under the bus one day after the 2009 season and well before the 2010 season starts.  Him putting this all on Omar pretty much will make them avoid responsibility if 2010 goes the way 2009 went.

This is exactly what is wrong with the Mets.  Nobody wants to take responsibility for anything that happens, they blame it on the most convenient person(s).  Look at how Omar handled Tony B’s firing this summer, he blamed Adam Rubin on wanting a job with player development in exposing Tony B’s bad behavior.

Until this organization steps up and takes responsibility for their actions we will never be in the position to win championships.  You know they have at the very least a ballpark figure they would like the budget to be at yet Fred Wilpon doesn’t say that.  So if they don’t sign or trade anybody Omar is the one who takes the beating in the press.  You see what Jeff Wilpon has done now?  He actually has me feeling a little bad for Omar.  Shame on you Jeff, shame on you!