I Still Can’t Move On

Are you guys sick of the Yankees yet? I can’t seem to avoid them or Brett Favre no matter where I turn these days. They’re just always everywhere…

What angers me most, and makes me turn ten different shades of green, is listening to the media paint them as a team that has had to overcome so much to get back to the pinnacle of baseball. Gimme a freaking break… It was more a case of gluttonous spending more than that they overcame so much. If not for the quarter of a billion dollars they shelled out on Tex, CC and AJ, they couldn’t have overcome much of anything.

Money can’t buy love, but it can still buy championships, and the Yankees will prove that by the first week in November.

Of course I should just shut up and accept the fact that the Mets were second to the Yankees in payroll, so what am I bitching about?

I guess I’m just pissed of at the world and the only thing I have to look forward to is the faint hope that the Halos find it within themselves to stop the Yankees dead in their tracks and eliminate them from the World Series landscape. Just say no to 27.

By the way, I’m an equal opportunity hater right now. I’m just as pissed off at the Mets because we deserved a hell of a lot better for the $145 million dollars we spent this year. I’m not saying we should have an All Star at every position like the Yankees, but when our core players started to drop like flies, would it have been too much to ask for Omar to go out and get the team some needed relief?

Sure, Francoeur helped, but it had become quite clear by mid-July that neither Reyes or Delgado was returning, and the fact that they chose to ignore those facts and sugar coat them before the trade deadline still irks me. Back then when we were still within earshot of first place and in the thick of the Wild Card race, management threw in the towel. Then they insulted our intelligence and stood up on their soap boxes and shouted “the calvary is coming”, but they knew that wasn’t happening. When a player gives up and stops trying, we can always boo them and let them know how we feel. But how do we boo Omar and ownership when they do the same thing?

I thought I was past this season, but seeing the Phillies and Yankees still alive and doing well won’t let me put the Mets 2009 season to rest just yet. It’s like a pounding headache that won’t go away no matter how many Advils and Tylenols I pop.

Is anybody else feeling the same way?

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