Hey Mets Fans, WAKE UP !!!

I’ll be the first to say that a Yankees-Phillies World Series is the ultimate slap in the face to any Mets fan. Our two most hated teams going head-to-head in a best of seven series for the title of baseball’s best. But instead of whining and complaining that there’s no one to root for this year, let’s find the silver lining in this cloud.

Two weeks ago when the Yanks were still battling it out with the Minnesota Twins for the Division Championship, a friend of mine, who claims to root for both the Mets and Yankees, kept reminding me that he is a New Yorker first, and then a baseball fan, and insisted that I was barking up the wrong tree.

Since that time, I’ve been feeling almost guilty for bashing the Yankees as much as I do. The truth is, I don’t dislike the Yankees. They are a good team, trying to win, just like any other team. I do, however, dislike their fans. I often found them to be arrogant and childish, and act like sore losers when they don’t get what they think their team deserves. Maybe they are just spoiled and don’t know how to handle losing. Or maybe they just demand the best, and really, what’s really wrong with that?

But I digress.

Let’s face it. The Yankees may be the only team in baseball that actually can beat the Phillies. So as Mets fans, we need to ask ourselves what we want more – the Phillies to lose or the Yankees just to not win?

I prefer the Phillies to lose. So if that means the Yankees win, so be it. I’d love to say that New York put the Phillies in their place. And since our Mets couldn’t do it, then let the Yankees take care of it. The Yankees are only our cross-town rivals. The Phillies are our division rivals. And after their mocking “Ya Gotta Believe” signs in Philly, I think it’s time someone – anyone – puts them in their place, before it gets out of hand, and we have to hear about their 26 Championships one day.

Let’s Go Yankees !!!