Ex-Met Hernandez, No Longer Livan’ In The High Life

2009 has been a year to forget for, former-Met, Livan Hernandez from a personal standpoint.

I had reported back in August that Hernandez was being sued over damage done to a rental car.

Unfortunately, now the pitcher’s troubles have hit closer to home…literally.

Robert Snell at the Detroit News, who also broke the two IRS cases against Ron Darling and Darryl Strawberry, is now reporting that the former Mets pitcher is in danger of having his home in Miami, Florida foreclosed.

According to the report, that on top of his home being foreclosed, Hernandez owes a considerable amount of debt to numerous organizations.

Apparently, the pitcher owes more than $6,000 to two different property management groups. The pitcher is even accused of stiffing his pool maintenance guy of more than $1,000.

And, yes, to top it all off the IRS claims he owes more than $300,000 in unpaid taxes. As Snell points out, the right-hander has made over $50 million in his career, so you’d like to think that he will be able to pay off these debts, but who knows.

The 34 year-old pitcher had expressed interest in returning to the Nationals next season, but you have to wonder if these financial woes will deter the team from bringing him back.

What is it with all these Mets not paying their taxes?

Granted, I understand that numerous celebrities are involved in similar issues, but it just seems that as of late these celebrities are somehow connected to the Mets.