Holliday or Bay In Mets 2010 Outfield?

Both Jason Bay and Matt Holiday’s season is now officially over as their teams were eliminated over the weekend, they now have a lot to consider as they are going to be free agents for the first time in both of their careers.  They were successful with both their clubs this year and have been favorites over the years for their offensive numbers during their careers.

These two outfielders are the best 2 left fielders on the free agent market this year.  They will both command a lot of money, especially since they are both clients of Scott Boras.  There are not many “cons” to signing either of these guys.

Both would provide the power the Mets desperately need next year.  Both Bay and Holliday will supply the protection that David Wright needs in the lineup.  This year was the first time in Wright’s career that he didn’t have any sort of protection in the lineup and we saw the result.

A lot of people thought that Holliday was only achieving the numbers the has over his career because he was hitting in Coors Field for the Rockies.  Last winter he was traded to Oakland where he played for 93 games.  In those 93 games he hit .286 with 13 HR’s.  At the end of July, Holliday was traded to the Cardinals where he hit .353 with 14 HR’s, finishing the year off a .313 batting AVG.  Holliday doesn’t always get the respect for his defense but he is a good defensive player as well, of course I’m disregarding that error in game 2 of the NLDS which was a fluke.  He has made 31 errors in his career from 2004-2009.

Bay’s numbers are equally impressive.  He has a career batting average of .280.  Since 2003 he has hit 185 home runs with 610 RBI.  Bay does strikeout more than Holliday but he is a power hitter and power hitters are more susceptible to striking out.  Last year Bay was traded to Boston at the deadline in July, he has played in 200 games for the Red Sox and he has hit .274 with 45 home runs and 156 RBI in 200 games in Boston.

Obviously the Mets are not going to sign both outfielders this year, though with this medical staff that wouldn’t be such a bad idea.  All joking aside, I would rather the Mets sign Matt Holliday.  He’s 2 years younger than Bay, his defense is better and he doesn’t strikeout as much.  The defense is key to me as left field in Citi Field demands an outfielder who can field well.

Both players are in their prime and would be an asset to any club that signs them.  Both are reportedly happy with their current teams but as we know in this day and age being content with your team doesn’t mean you won’t take the bigger pay day.  I’m guessing that money will be the ultimate factor for whatever team signs Bay and Holliday as both clubs they are with are contenders every year and are capable of winning championships.  

What do you fans think?  Am I wrong in wanting Holliday?  Would you rather have Jason Bay?  Or is there another left fielder you rather have?