Silence Is Blue And Orange

Last night’s “Silent 6th” inning during the Mets telecast was quite interesting, to say the least. I wasn’t sure how I was going to react to it. But when it finally came, it was no big deal.

I think the objective was to attract more viewers, by giving those who can’t or won’t go to Citi Field the opportunity to feel like they were there.

It was nice listening to the sounds of the ballpark. My favorite part was hearing Alex Anthony announcing the players as they came up to bat. But other than that, I missed hearing Gary, Keith and Ron. Maybe I’m just spoiled and used to hearing them. Maybe had the telecasts always been without broadcasters, I’d be used to it and like that better.

There will be another twist on tonight’s telecast. Gary will not be in the booth with Keith and Ron. The two former players will not only have to handle the commentary and analysis, but also the play-by-play. If you recall, the two already did a game in Spring Training and handled it well. So it’s no new task for them. I’ll be looking forward to that.