Not to Point Out the Elephant in the Room…

At the risk of being called “Captain Obvious” and getting comments of “Gee, ya think?”, I wanted to point out that the Mets are out of the Playoff hunt, and the only thing meaningful about the end of the 2009 Mets season will be playing time for the prospects and maybe to play spoiler.

Now that that’s been established and is out of the way: Why is David Wright in Tuesday’s lineup?  Why, in fact, has he not been shut down for the year?  

I’m glad to see (as Phil Hoops pointed out) that he’s wearing the new batting helmet, and, don’t get me wrong, I love that David wants to play; his determination and competitive nature is something that we need to put into pills and force down the throats of his teammates (and I also will enjoy having him for my Playoff run in Fantasy Baseball this year), but why in the world would the New York Mets risk their prize possession for a year like this one?  

Now, I realize that they need money and are desparately trying to fill Citi Field with a sub-.500 club, but as any half-decent financial advisor will tell you, sacrificing a little now will help you tremendously in the long term.  Getting through these tougher times without resorting to blatantly (dare I say) stupid moves is the key to long-term success. (DISCLAIMER: I am not a certified financial advisor, nor do I intend to come across as one, and refuse any responsibility for financial or other decisions made based on my comments).  From the Wilpons’ perspective, trading a month’s worth of fans who’s deciding factor on showing up was David Wright being in the lineup for the ticket sales you’ll get by having a fully-healthy David Wright in 2010 should be a trade worth making every time.

There is simply no reason that David should be playing at Citi Field again this year.  If he’s feeling better, fantastic, rest up for 2010.  At the very most, let him rehab in St. Lucie for the rest of the year, but do not subject him to further exacerbating the injury by letting/making him play for the big club for the rest of the year.  Let me be the first to coin the phrase “metsmanaged”, meaning “greatly mishandling a baseball situation”.  So, this is just another incident that has been metsmanaged by the Wilpons, Omar Minaya, and Jerry Manuel to add to an ever-growing list, and rather than hoping for the win tonight and for the rest of the season, I’m instead resorting to praying that this is the one time that the Mets will get lucky when it comes to dealing with an injured player in 2009.