More Mets Dysfunction Regarding Jose Reyes

Only moments ago, Jerry Manuel spoke to reporters before the game according to MetsBlog. Matt writes,

Jerry Manuel told reporters Jose Reyes felt discomfort while running yesterday, and will be re-examined today. Manuel believes the team and Reyes will make a decision regarding surgery as soon as tomorrow, though a team spokesman quickly dismissed that any such timetable exists.

I just can’t think of any other team handling one of their core players with as much dysfunction as the New York Mets have.

They have bungled the situation from day one including rushing him back which only worsened the original injury, and then in an attempt to rush him back again, caused Reyes to develop a second leg injury.

In the months that followed, they continued upon a reckless course of action so that they could prod him back on the field and proclaim he was healthy when in fact he was not.

Only two weeks ago, the matter of surgery came up again, but they insisted on delaying the decision and allowing Jose Reyes not only to continue his comeback, but to leave the final decision regarding his surgery to him rather than heeding the advice of medical experts.

The Mets can blame the lost season on the injuries all they want, but in many regards and with some of those injuries, you can blame the dysfunctional Mets for doing little to help these players, and almost always making the wrong call on a course of action. Especially where Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran, John Maine and Oliver Perez are concerned.

What hurts the most about this pending Reyes decision is the fact that it will ultimately lead to off season surgery, a surgery that should have been performed months ago. If Reyes has the surgery now, he may not be ready to play again until late April or even May, and that’s assuming he suffers no setbacks, like the 7-8 setbacks he has had in the last five months.


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