Mets Need To Revamp Their Decision Making This Off Season

The Mets are a rudderless organization. How can I make this assertion? Take in account some recent developments:

Carlos Delgado’s batting practice sessions have caught the fancy of the neutered GM, Omar Minaya, and he will consider re-signing a 37-year old DH with a balky hip. The centerfielder, Carlos Beltran was benched due to wet playing conditions last night, that sometimes occur in September, but he is lauded for making it back to the team after an excruciating long absence, and Jose’ Reyes is upset because many (in the media) are questioning his commitment to his craft.

Did I mention 40-year malcontent, Gary Sheffield has decided to take batting practice and might grace the Mets presence in the waning days of the season-for no more reason than audition for a job for another organization.

What a fiasco this season has been and the only relief in sight is October 4th, the last day of the season. Rejoice! Then back up the truck.

What the Mets need is a revamping of their decision making. It’s time to move into the 21st century and get more intellectual here. Time to start evaluating players with empirical thinking, not “what ifs.” Time to examine the numbers and target what makes winning teams and players (those who drive in runs with two outs and RISP, for one).

Because when you start considering a first-baseman who is one healthy swing away from permanent residence on the disabled list, there goes 2010 before it started. Does anyone in Met-Land want to take that risk? Omar is a fool for even considering it and as a sidebar, what happens to Wonderboy, Daniel Murphy?

Moreover, Delgado has not made himself available to the media, another negative notch in his “leader label” belt. What else does he have to do? Soak in the off-limits spa the Mets built for the cushy comfort of the players? He is another diva only concerned about his image and stats.

As far as Beltran goes, it was the manager’s decision to not play him in rainy Philly. Makes sense, but if he can’t hold up to the rigors of three games in a row, in less than ideal conditions, then send him home for goodness sakes. Why are the Mets risking further damage to his knee in the first place?

Shoddy decision making, that’s why. Take Reyes, please. His diatribe the other day about people questioning his desire to play was self-centered. When he makes a cameo appearance at Citi Field every month or so, the reporters are going to flock to him for answers. What they should ask him is why he-and the team hasn’t insisted he have his torn hamstring surgically repaired already.

If rehabbing it through rest and exercise hasn’t helped in the past three months, what makes he think another week or two would matter? Get out the scalpel and bite the bullet with eyes on the Comeback Player of the Year in 2010.

Sheffield, on the hand, should have been shown the door the day after he marched in the GM’s office and asked about his status for next season. The gall, after this organization rescued him from the scrap heap, no less. No wonder he’s moved around more than the late David Carradine in the ’70’s TV series “Kung-Fu.”

Clean house from top to bottom and get some gamers into this clubhouse for next season. The process has to change or the results will remain the same.