Keep Be-Lee-ving

539w.jpg Derrek Lee picture by MetsFollower
One of the holes the Mets need to fill for the 2010 season is first base, Daniel Murphy was named the everyday first baseman after Carlos Delgado got injured. Murphy has done fairly well as a replacement with good defense and an average bat.

First base is usually a position for power hitters and Murphy will not likely reach a dozen homeruns. Also Delgado’s contract will be ending this season and has a 12 million dollar club option for next season. But with his (what shouldn’t have been) season ending hip surgery the Mets really shouldn’t pick up that option and look to another powerful first baseman.

Who could that be? Derrek Lee!

The Chicago first baseman is having a great ’09 season with the Cubs hitting .294 with 27 homeruns and 90 RBIs. He’s in line for a 30-100 season.
(before Saturday’s game.)
(Update: Lee hit 2 homeruns in Saturday’s game.) 

I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “Sure Lee is a great hitter and has a nice glove, but why would Cubs trade him and who for?”

Well I asked that myself and I took a look around the Cubs roster and the Cubs seem to need one thing the most. A reliable closer. Oh hey look, the Mets have a former closer in J.J. Putz. Putz is currently on the disabled list and will be there for the rest of the season. Putz has not had the best season with the Mets, he blames it on not having the intensity he had when he was a closer with Seattle.

Some of the Mets back-up pitchers have been doing a great job with the team lately and have really fought for a spot on the team next season. With Pat Misch pitching well along with Nelson FigueroaTim Redding and Bobby Parnell they could be in the ‘pen next season. The Mets are also looking for a number two starter this offseason along with an outfielder and a catcher.

So here is my projected trade with Cubs for Derrek Lee who’s contract will be ending after next season. Lee has a $13MM contract and has a no-trade clause.

Mets offering

John Maine RHP*
Brian Schneider C
Daniel Murphy 1B*

Mets acquire

Derrek Lee 1B

* Mets would have to re-sign players before trading them.

This trade would actually free up over 13 million dollars plus whatever Mets use to sign Maine (if they do).