Is Omar Really Safe?

Is Omar Minaya really as safe as the Mets are wanting the public to believe?

Ever since the Tony B. / Adam Rubin fiasco, we haven’t heard much from Omar Minaya except to announce a few player moves and even at those times, Mets PR VP Jay Horwitz was close by to prevent any further Minaya meltdowns. On two occasions, Horwitz even cut the press conference short when reporters began delving into unchartered waters.

I believe it was Wallace Matthews of Newsday who reported that in a conversation with Jeff Wilpon shortly after the press conference from hell, Wilpon held his thumb and index finger a half inch apart and said,

“Omar is this close to being fired.”

Currently, Omar Minaya’s role can best be described as that of marionette puppet, and the Wilpons are pulling all the strings.

He has about as much autonomy as the paper weight on his desk.

Yesterday, the Mets doused Minaya with the sobering news that another of his hand picked lieutenants had been fired. Adam Rubin of the Daily News reports,

The Mets have fired Ramon Pena, the organization’s top official in charge of signing Latin American talent, the Daily News has learned. In addition, vice president of scouting Sandy Johnson intends to retire, and minor-league field coordinator Luis Aguayo has been let go, sources said.

Tony Bernazard, who was fired on July 27 after a series of over-the-top clubhouse antics, and Johnson were Minaya’s two top lieutenants. More turnover could be coming since only Rudy Terrasas, who oversees the amateur draft, is believed to be under contract beyond this season.

Pena’s dismissal signals displeasure with the performance of a number of high-caliber Latin American prospects signed as teenagers.

Minaya is set to begin the three year extension he signed a few days after the collapse of 2007 became complete. There have already been whispers that Minaya’s role has already been reduced and that Assistant GM John Ricco has absorbed many of Omar’s former day to day duties.

Is it fair to Mets fans, to have a GM who has had his limbs cut off, in charge of overturning the disaster of the last three years?

He hardly did a good job when he was at 100%, how can he possibly transform this team into a contender at 50% effectiveness or less?

And as far as next years draft goes, who exactly will be calling the shots?

Not only has the Latin academy, that Omar urged the Wilpons to invest in, come up barren, but the Mets haven’t really had one blue chip prospect come out of five years of June Amateur Drafts. Not one.

Do we really want Omar Minaya deciding who the Mets should select with the top six pick they are certain to get next June?

The Mets earned that pick… They had to suck very badly to earn the distinction that the pick gives them.

Back in July, I asked the question;

Can you see Omar Minaya as GM five years from now?

If that answer is no, and in my opinion it is a resounding no, then get rid of him already and lets start anew.

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