2010 Spotlight: Second Base

Second base is a position where players have to be quick on their feet and need to have a quick mind. They have to be able to make the quick turn to complete the double play, and they need to be able to get the ball out quickly to start a double play. Some of the Mets great second baseman throughout their franchise history are Edgar Alfonzo, Jeff Kent, and Mets current second baseman Luis Castillo. The Mets have had several players play second base this year including Castillo, Alex Cora, Wilson Valdez, Anderson Hernandez, Fernando Tatis, Argenis Reyes, and Ramon Martinez. I believe there is only one player of that bunch that has done spectacular this season and that is Luis Castillo. The Mets took a huge risk resigning Castillo after last year he was on the DL for most of the year. He’s only missed a few games this year when he fell down the dugout stairs and has done better than everyone expected him to. But what was his expectations? Play half the year, with an average at least over .200? Don’t get me wrong, I agree Castillo has done great but is he playoff material at this point? If not who could be the Mets second baseman in 2010?

Luis Castillo, age 34
2010 contract: $6M (’08-’11)
2009 stats: .308 avg, 1 hr, 36 rbi, .355 slg
Career stats: .293 avg, 28 hr, 422 rbi, .355 slg

It’s true that Castillo has shocked every Met fan at how well he’s played. His average is ninth in the National League but his ability to hit singles and sac-bunts may not be helpful to the Mets if they are going for a playoff run next year. Castillo has been able to stay healthy (for the most part) and his defense has been at par if you take away his dropped ball against the Yankees. I still don’t think his singles and his few stolen bases are enough to get the Mets into the playoffs.


No, best of luck to Castillo next year but he is more suited for a team that needs a reliable base runner and is a more likely competitor for the playoffs. I say deal away Castillo for something the Mets need for next year.

Orlando Hudson, age 31
2010 contract: no contract
2009 stats: .285 avg, 9 hr, 62 rbi, .415 slg
Career stats: .282 avg, 77 hr, 434 rbi, .430 slg

I was surprised the Mets did not get Orlando Hudson this offseason. The guy was basically begging to play for the Mets. His past numbers have proven he’s an offensive plus to the team and his defense, well you’ve all seen how great that is. He would be a great defensive and offensive bonus to the team and he was younger than I thought he was so he would be around longer than Castillo would.


Yes, there’s no doubt in my mind that Hudson would be a bonus to the Mets. He’s someone the Mets need to go for during the offseason. His defense is spectacular and he can hold his own at the plate.

Dan Uggla, age 29
2010 contract: no contract
2009 stats: .240 avg, 30 hr, 85 rbi, .456 slg
Career stats: .257 avg, 120 hr, 355 rbi, .482 slg

We’ve all seen Uggla play poorly in last year’s All-Star game, probably the worst defensive player in the National League as well. But his offensive power makes up for it. He has consistent power numbers but his average is sub-par and he even he may not be able to reach the CitiField walls.


No, Uggla may have power but the Mets say they are going to work on defense, speed and pitching. Everything Uggla doesn’t have. He could help the Mets in the power department but that’s all he’s good for.

Ben Zobrist, age 28
2010 contract: none
2009 stats: .286 avg, 24 hr, 79 rbi, .518 slg
Career stats: .253 avg, 39 hr, 136 rbi, .444 slg

Ben Zobrist is coming off the best season of his young career and is someone the Mets could use at second. He plays hard, runs hard, hits hard. The only disconcerting thing about Zobrist is his average. His average has been constant, consistently decent. Nothing spectacular in that department but the rest of his numbers are great and with guidance from the veterans on the team he would be a great fielder and hitter.


Yes, Zobrist has proven himself down in Tampa and played well when they played the Mets earlier this year. He is someone that has heart and plays his hardest. His young age is helpful to the Mets if they are going to try to build up on future players.

Other possibilities…

Wilson Valdez – No, he’s done a decent job at filling in for the injured Alex Cora and Jose Reyes but he’s not in the Mets plans for next year.

Argenis ReyesNo, he let me down this season, he had a decent season last year with the help of Jose but he was useless to the Mets this year.

Ramon Martinez No, hahahaha sorry needed a laugh. The guy has been out longer with a sprained pinky than A-Rod was with his hip surgery.

Alex CoraYes, despite getting injured several times he’s done well as the Mets platoon middle infielder and the Mets should bring him back. Maybe not for another two million but for less.

Anderson Hernandez No, he only came back to the Mets to help fill in for the injured middle infielders. You’ve lost your marbles if you thinks he’s coming back next year.

As a roundup…

Yes – Alex Cora, Ben Zobrist, Orlando Hudson.
No – Argenis Ryes, Luis Castillo, Dan Uggla, Anderson Hernandez, Wilson Valdez, Ramon Martinez.