Wilpon’s Decision Means More Dysfunction In 2010

By now most of us have heard the bad news that Mets owner Fred Wilpon has assured Met fans that embattled GM Omar Minaya will absolutely be back next season. Omar’s return also makes it a pretty good bet that joke of a manager Jerry Manuel will be back too.

If you’re the Wilpon family, its pretty much a no brainer to bring Omar back. Omar has made the Wilpons tons of money, all while helping to perpetuate one of the biggest frauds Met fans have ever seen. Tough words? Maybe. Lets face it, brand new CitiField is going to be sold out this season, and probably next season. Why would Omar bother spending Fred & Jeff’s hard earned money improving the team if the place is going to be sold out anyway?

Let’s be clear here, anyone thinking Fred Wilpon wants a world championship caliber team is pretty clueless. Fred could care less about winning World Championships. Have we ever heard Fred say he wants to win championships? We’ve heard Fred say he wants the Mets to “play meaningful September baseball”, whatever that is. Fred is an unabashed Brooklyn Dodgers fan. In all their time in our fair city, the Brooklyn Dodgers won exactly one World Championship.The Wilpon family doesn’t give a rat’s behind about the fans or winning world championships. In there world cash is king, winning is secondary.

I also believe that Omar, and Mets management deliberately misled Met fans about the injuries on this team. In over 30 years of watching baseball I have never seen so many apparently minor injuries become season ending injuries. The Big Three were supposed to be back by the All Star Break, what Omar didn’t say was the All Star break of 2010.

So Omar Minaya, author of three straight embarrassing and disappointing seasons gets to come back. Even though he drastically over estimated the starting pitching. Even though he mishandled the firing of his buddy Bernazard, and embarrassed the organization in the process. Even though he has failed to make a blockbuster in season trade since he’s been here. Even though the farm system is barren, the Buffalo team a complete joke.

I hope Fred & Jeffy were on hand Saturday night to see the 1969 Mets get honored. I hope they noticed the welcome Mrs. DeRoulet received from the fans, because the next time they are introduced at CitiField, that’s the greeting they’ll get. Fred & Jeff Wilpon, true losers.