What Will September Bring?

The Mets have had such a bad year with injuries, poor management, players making mental mistakes, and not making CitiField “home.”

So are the Mets ready for September baseball? Are the prospects ready to come up during the 40-man roster expansion?

Well let me put this myth out of some people’s head. These prospects are not the Mets saviors. We have already seen the Mets do poorly on bringing up rookies, and we’ve seen the Mets make rookies have terrific careers.

But at this point the Mets are only going to be taking a look at what they have to deal with years from now.¬†Heck, we’ve already brought up half of the prospects and most of them are either injured, not played, or played poorly.

The following players are likely to be called up in September:

Chip Ambres (AAA) : Outfielder batting .239 with 5 home runs and 23 RBI. 29 years old.

Javier Valentin (AAA) : First baseman batting .260 with 3 home runs and 10 RBI. 33 years old.

Mike Lamb (AAA): Utility infielder batting .251 with 4 dingers and 40 RBI. 34 years old.

Brandon Knight (AAA): Starting Pitcher. 4-9, 5.06 ERA. 33 years old. (Wait, the Mets sold him to Japan last month!)

Lance Broadway (AAA) : Starting Pitcher. The jewel of the Ramon Castro trade. 4-5, 6.12 ERA.

Carl Loadenthal (AA) : Outfielder. Batting .239, 1 home run, 18 RBI. 27 years old.

Eric Brown (AA) : Starting Pitcher. 5-13, 6.50 ERA. 25 years old.

Jose Coronado (AA) : Infielder. One of the victims of Tony B’s shirtless, tongue-thrashing. .258, no home runs. 23 years old.