What If The Mets Headed To Sacred Heart?

As some of you may have noticed today, Zach Braff appeared on SNY’s telecast of the Mets/Cardinals game yesterday. During his interview with Kevin Burkhardt, Braff discussed how he was in the process of filming episodes for the popular sitcom, Scrubs, which is entering its ninth season.

This sent me off on a random thought of which Mets players/announcers, both past and present, would play some of the show’s characters. I figured why not parlay this into an article for the entertainment purposes for fans of both the Mets and Scrubs. So without further adieu here is my Mets edition of Scrubs:


John Dorian or J.D. for short is an easy going young doctor, who works his way up through the ranks of Sacred Heart to become a resident. J.D. seems to have everything going for him, including good looks. Over the years J.D. becomes one of the top doctors in the hospital. Likewise, David Wright came to the Mets as a young third baseman, who was just trying to crack his way into the big league lineup. Over time however, Wright also became every successful and quickly became one of the faces of the Mets franchise. Like J.D., Wright, too, has the looks that make him a favorite with the ladies.

Dr. Kelso

Dr. Kelso is one of the old timers in Sacred Heart Hospital. Once the chief of medicine, Kelso finds himself opening a new chapter of his life, semi-retirement. The same can be said for Keith Hernandez with the Mets. Once a member of the 1986 World Championship team, Hernandez, know finds himself calling games in the broadcast booth. Both men have a sense of wit that many find very amusing. Despite, their lose personalities both are very good at what they do and are well respected in their field.

Jordan Cox

Who better to play the role of Jordan than former Met, Kris Benson’s wife, Anna? During Kris’s tenure with the Mets, Anna developed a reputation as being rather opinionated and did not back down despite criticism from both the news media or the Mets. Similarly on Scrubs, Jordan is very opinionated and backs down from no one. Both have a knack for getting themselves into trouble, but neither seems to care all that much.

Keith Dudemeister

Naturally, when it comes to playing a young up-and-coming intern, field reporter, Kevin Burkhardt, would be an ideal choice. Both Kevin and Keith are on their way to fulfilling their dreams. Keith is closing in on becoming a doctor, while Kevin is trying to become a sports broadcaster. Furthermore, both come off as being extremely nice. So nice, in fact, that you look for ways to try dislike them, but are unsuccessful.

These were some of the comparisons I could draw off the top of my head. Feel free to share your own in the comments section.