Welcome To [Insert Name Here] Stadium

As the Mets continue their three game series against the Marlins in Florida, I decided to do a little research of past Marlins/Dolphins stadiums.

Dolphin Stadium, as most of us are use to calling the home of the Marlins and Dolphins, was originated in 1984 and was called that until 1987.

Later in 1987 it was changed to the name Joe Robbie Stadium. In 1990, 50% of the stadium was bought out to bring baseball to Southern Florida, that’s when the Marlins moved in.

The name was later changed in 1996 to Pro Player Park, then was quickly changed to Pro Player Stadium. The name stayed that until 2005 when it was changed back into Dolphins Stadium and then later just Dolphin Stadium.

Then when the Marlins started creating their own ball park earlier this year they decided to change the name to Land Shark Stadium for the Marlins. Apparently the newest name is suppose to stay through 2010 until the Marlins get there new stadium in 2012 and the name of the old stadium will go back to Dolphin Stadium as the Marlins move out.

Marlins new stadium will be called Marlins Ballpark and the Florida Marlins will be changing their name to the Miami Marlins.

The future home of the Marlins will be a first-class baseball stadium that will be owned by Miami-Dade County. It will be constructed on approximately 17 acres of the historic 42-acre Orange Bowl site. The ballpark will have a retractable roof, a natural grass playing field, 37,000 seats, including approximately 3,000 club seats and 60 private suites.

It’s all very confusing and complicating!