What’s The Point?

Why don’t the Mets make it official, and wave the White Flag once and for all; shut down both Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran. Start scouring the waiver wire for able bodied major leaguers to fill the void. Or, start the auditions, and see if the farm system is capable of producing a contributor, or two.

At this point, the return of the aforementioned pair, is futile. What is the point?

If both marquee players return, and re-injure themselves, how will that help their marketability this off-season, or be ready for spring training if retained? Just shut them down now, eliminate any possibility of a relapse, or if surgery is needed get the scalpel ready ASAP.

The writing for this team was on the wall before the all-star break, and the injuries keep on coming eradicating any hope for a wild-card run. When players start getting hurt returning to the dugout, like Luis Castillo the other night-who happens to be one of the Mets best performers (excluding one pop-up) the season is officially snake bitten.

The Mets would needs an ungodly finish to reach 90 wins, the minimum for the Wild Card winner. It’s unrealistic to think this patchwork lineup can tear through the rest of the schedule and go 39-17. If they did, they truly would be Amazin.

If Carlos Delgado wishes to return and show his wares, then Jerry Manuel can find him some at-bats. But, he should not figure in 2010’s plans. Too old, too brittle, and too expensive. It’s time to turn the page on him.

(Moreover, if John Maine’s shoulder continues to bark, he should be shut down also. Let’s start cleaning out some lockers around here and change the karma that 2009 is all about injuries.)

See if Jeff Francoeur can continue his resurgence. He already has become a go-to guy for the media, and that lightens the burden from David Wright (this team needs more stand-up vocal players because it seems like it’s everyman for themselves this year). Maybe Bobby Parnell can be a starter on the major league level. His live arm gives the faithful some buzz.

Keep giving at-bats to Daniel Murphy. The Mets need to find out if he can produce enough runs to commandeer first base. See if Angel Pagan can play 50 straight games and continue his onslaught. He could vie for a starting corner position next year (or center if Beltran is moved).

There are plenty of questions that need to be answered before the season expires. Just stop this rain dance of hope. Send Reyes and Beltran home for good. Enough already.