Q & A With B-Mets Catcher Josh Thole

The other night in Binghamton I had the chance to interview Josh Thole, who is expected to get the call up to the majors when rosters expand September 1st. Thole has struggled with the bat in August but still has a .324 batting average, with 32 XBH. Even though he lacks power, my belief while watching him take his at-bats, is that he will be a quality everyday catcher in the majors.

Will Sommer: Have any coaches in Binghamton told you that you will indeed be called up to the majors September 1st?

Josh Thole: No, nothing I’m just trying to finish the season strong with Binghamton, and that’s all I’m focused on.

Will Sommer: So as to Adam Rubin’s report you haven’t heard anything about you getting the call?

Josh Thole: Nothing, I’m just trying to win here in Binghamton. And that’s all I’m focused on.

Will Sommer: If you could sum up in a couple of words how your season has gone so far.

Josh Thole: You know as a team we’ve been playing really good ball the last couple of months. It’s been fun. Winning some ball games, and playing hard until the end. As a team I think we’ve really put it together.

Will Sommer: You are going through your first long slump of the season is it because of your hand? (He was on the DL with a sprained hand earlier in the season) Is it fatigue? Or is it just one of those slumps, that you can’t explain why.

Josh Thole: No not at all. My timing is just off right now, once I get back on track, get my timing back¬† I’ll be right were I was. It’s just a matter of time. I just have to keep working hard everyday, and keep my focus.

Will Sommer: What has been the biggest improvement this year you’ve made in AA?

Josh Thole: I think defensively, I feel like I’ve came a long way. So I thinks that’s been a big big part of it. I think I’m a totally different catcher than I was last year.

Will Sommer: Some scouts view you as weak in terms of your defense.

Josh Thole: They an think what they want to think. It’s their own opinion. I feel confident and comfortable back there. So different strokes for different folks I guess you can call it.

(Originally posted for Mets Fans Forever)