Things I Can Now Do in August and September

The Mets have pretty much raised the white flag on the 2009 season, and if they haven’t, I’d be happy to do it for them.  They now have enough players on the DL to field a whole team, but as we are reduced to watching AAA and AA players wear the Blue and Orange, I’m embracing this time.  I’m embracing it because now I can do things in August and September without being emotionally attached to the Mets.  Here are some of those things….

Watch football.  Well, I was gonna do that anyway, but with the Mets in free-fall, the NFL and college football seasons cannot start soon enough.

Play more golf, and hang around the clubhouse for a few beers.  No need to rush home because the Mets are on TV.

Pay closer attention to reality shows like “More To Love,” because there is nothing left to love about this Mets team.

Take the wife and kid out for ice cream after dinner, knowing that we can take our time and, if we decide to turn the game on in the fifth inning, we won’t care that the Mets are already trailing 8-2.

Not care that Fox blacks out all other Saturday afternoon games, forcing those of us in the South to watch the Braves or Cardinals.  Not care because I’d almost rather watch those teams right now. 

We can peruse the NL Standings each morning, wondering if our Mets will do the unthinkable and let the Nationals catch them from behind. 

Cut grass.  Rake leaves.  Paint the house.  Clean the gutters.  When all of that seems like more fun than watching the Mets, you know the season is over before it’s over. 

Eat cheeseburgers and drink milk shakes, getting a head start on bulking up for the winter months. 

Call my dad and commiserate about the team he brought me up watching, then turn our attention to the Giants.

Finally, we can do the one thing we have no choice but to do, and it pains me to say this in August.  Yes, we can “wait ‘till next season.”