The Mets Were Bad Even Before The Injuries

For Crying Out Loud, Stop Walking Everyone!

Despite the fact that the Mets are playing half their games in one of the largest ballparks in the game, they lead the majors in walks allowed with 423 as of last night’s game. The Phillies in comparison have only allowed 344 walks.

Can somebody please explain that to me, because no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to grasp how that is even possible.

If you’re pitching in a park that is so damn big, shouldn’t we be challenging hitters more often than not?

We also lead the league in walking opposing pitchers, although given the way this season has progressed does that come as a surprise to anyone?

Now here’s one I just know you’re all going to love. The Mets are also among the leaders in intentional walks with 40 which ranks fourth in the Major Leagues.

Of those 40 intentional walks, 17 of them actually loaded the bases. Care to venture a guess as to how those 17 decisions worked out this season?

On 14 of those occasions the Mets pitcher ended up walking in a run.

On 2 of those occasions the Mets pitcher hit the batter to force in a run.

On 1 of those occasions (last night) the Mets pitcher served up a walk-off grand slam.

You want to talk about futility? I give you the 2009 New York Mets.

Where basic fundamentals are concerned, the Mets are the absolute worst in the game.

They have grounded into 103 double plays, only 4 behind the Astros who are the worst in baseball.

You need to hit a ball to the right to move a batter over, and on cue the Mets hit it to the third base side.

You need a fly ball to score a run, and the Mets can’t hit the ball out of the infield.

It’s baseball at it’s absolute worst. 

Forget all the injuries, this team was fundamentally flawed and poorly constructed from the word go. 

Are we simply supposed to ignore the fact that the Mets were a dismal 9-12 in April when the entire team was healthy and at full strength?

That equated to a .428 winning percentage putting the Mets on pace for a 70 win season.

If you ask me, the injuries turned out to be a convenient excuse for Omar Minaya to keep his job for another year. And Jerry Manuel too for that matter.

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