Q & A With Mako Oliveras, Manager of the Binghamton Mets

While on my trip to Binghamton I had the chance to interview Mako Oliveras manager of the B-Mets. He was a great guy to talk to, and based on what players have to say about him he’s a great manager.

Will Sommer: How did you begin your coaching career in minor league baseball?

Mako Oliveras: I signed in 1968 with the Red Sox and ever since then I’ve been in baseball

Will Sommer: For how many years have you been coaching with the Mets organization?

Mako Oliveras: This is my 3rd year. I have been the manager of the B-Mets since 2007.

Will Sommer: What are your thoughts on how the season has gone so far?

Mako Oliveras: Well you know record-wise it’s not what we’d like to have but with developing players we’ve done a good job.  (Jonathan) Malo, Tejada, Holt, Mejia, (Emmanuel) Garcia are guys who are all so better now than when they started the season.

Will Sommer: Ruben Tejada is 19 years old and struggled somewhat last year in advanced A ball, how do you think he’s held up this year physically and mentally?

Mako Oliveras: I think with better players he’s turned it up a notch. He’s been doing outstanding. He’s hitting close to .280, and he’s been a very solid player all year.

Will Sommer: Has anyone from the Mets front office told you about Thole being called up September 1st?

Mako Oliveras: No not at all. I don’t guarantee that. I just keep trying to make him better. And that’s their call if he gets the. call or not.

Will Sommer: Out of all the player’s you’ve managed in the Mets organization, what player stands out to you the most?

Mako Oliveras: That’s a hard question to answer because I’ve had Murphy, Evans, Parnell. I know those kids are doing well, and their gaining experience at the major league level, to hopefully succeed.

Will Sommer: Nick Evans was a disaster to open the season in AAA. When April came to a close he was sent to Florida briefly to try and fix his swing, then he went to AA. He performed well enough in AA to earn the call up to the MLB. And in August, while playing for AAA he’s been on fire.  What happened between AA and the majors? Was it his lack of confidence or was it something mechanical?

Mako Oliveras: You mentioned it, kids these day try to do to much, Nick is a very smart kid and he was trying to figure it out. Sometimes we expect to much from them.

(Originally posted for Mets Fans Forever)