Pelf vs Joba – Time For Me To Pay Up

This morning I will concede on a bet I made on Opening Day and pay up the $25 bucks I’ve lost.

I bet my friend, a notorious Yankee fan, on who would have the better season…

Our number two pitcher Mike Pelfrey or the Yankees number five pitcher Joba Chamberlain.

The battle wasn’t even close.

I figured there would be no way I could lose, especially when ERA and Batting Average Against were two quarters of the deciding factors. The other two measures we used were strikeouts and WHIP. 

Plus, I felt comfortable knowing that Mike Pelfrey had the huge benefit of facing opposing pitchers rather than a power hitting DH which is what Joba had to contend with.

It was a suckers bet I thought, only it was me who ended up being the sucker.


Joba currently has a 3.74 ERA while playing in the least friendliest pitchers park in the majors, the new Yankee Stadium.

Pelfrey, on the other hand, has a 4.75 ERA (a full run higher) while playing at Citi Field, the best pitcher friendly park in the majors.

Wow, that’s a huge difference, especially when you consider those park effects. I would imagine that if each player pitched in a neutral park the difference in ERA could have been much larger and around two runs or more.

Joba would easily shave a half run off of his already solid ERA and come in at 3.24, while Pelfrey’s ERA would soar well over 5.00. Here’s something scary to consider… Imagine Pelfrey pitching in Yankee Stadium and Joba at Citi Field?

The 23-year old Joba, also beat Pelfrey in Batting Average Against (.253 vs .286), WHIP (1.47 vs 1.50), and strikeouts (102 vs 67).

Geez Pelf, couldn’t you have beat him in something? (Pelfrey actually does, keep reading.)

Both pitchers have started 21 games and won eight, but when you look at the actual won-loss record, it shows two pitchers that are going in very different directions. (Pelfrey 8-7, Joba 8-2)

There is one category where Mike Pelfrey actually does beat Joba Chamberlain, and sadly it’s their salary.

The Mets have paid Mike Pelfrey $2,237,500.00, while Joba took down the a tad over the league minimum at $435 thousand dollars.

My buddy will get his $25 dollars today, but it will be in pennies.

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