Omar Minaya Tells Us Some More Lies

Omar Minaya earlier today had a telephone conference with reporters that was broadcast on SNY.  As usual when Omar has a press conference he continues to make the Mets look silly.  Omar said that he could not recall that Johan Santana had an elbow injury during Spring Training.  What planet is Omar living on?  Here is a link from Johan’s exam canceled after session.  In the piece dated March 1, 2009 Omar Minaya says of the injury scare

“He felt he was fine, so he’s not going to New York as planned,” Minaya told The Associated Press. “He’ll be seen by our doctors when they come down. It was the weather also.”

Obviously Omar was lying since his lips were moving but this is 100% unacceptable.  What will it take for this guy to tell the truth about anything regarding this ball club?

Omar also said in his press conference on the news that J.J. Putz had been scratched from tonight’s game in Brooklyn for the Cyclones

“”to give him a little more time”

Well it appears now that Putz is going to have a lot of time as reports are that Putz has been shut down for the remaining 2009 season.

Weren’t Reyes and Beltran due back right after the All-Star game?  It’s August 25, 2009 and no Reyes and Beltran in sight.

I truly have become embarrassed to be a fan of this ball club ladies and gentlemen.  This GM is only out to save his skin, and he will lie at the drop of a hat, throw anybody he can under the bus and will continue to make the Mets the laughing stock of professional sports.  I think I finally understand what fans of the Knicks have gone through the last few seasons and it stinks.