No Other Met Likely To Return

So, like a lot of you, I was excited for August to come. The Mets have been plagued with injuries all season and August was the month the Mets were supposed to get all of their players back. August was the Mets’ month. They were supposed to become stronger and get back into the wild card chase.

But that didn’t happen.

The Mets have only confirmed that Johan Santana, Alex Cora, and JJ Putz are going to be the players who will miss the rest of the season.

But let’s face it. There has been little to no updates on any of the other DL-ed players. We have heard that John Maine has been doing long tosses, we have seen Carlos Beltran catching fly balls, we have heard David Wright taking ground balls, we have heard Carlos Delgado doing some light jogging.

But that’s it! Reyes had a set back earlier in his rehab and we have heard nothing since. Something tells me that the Mets rehab staff aren’t doing everything they can to get these players healthy.

We have no update on Jonathon Niese, Fernando Nieve, Fernando Martinez, Ramon Martinez since their injury. And now with Sheffield leaving a game for the third time because of an injury he will likely be taken out of the season.

Luckly the Mets even allowed Jeff Francoeur to play through his sore thumb or else he would be shut down for the season.

Even SNY is starting to doubt the Mets are doing much to get these players back.

At this point the Mets are so far in the abyss it doesn’t matter if any players return, but I’d still like a little honesty from the Mets about their players updates and¬†returns… or lack of.