MetsMerized Player Of The Week! 8/2-8/9

You know, this last week was horrible for me because I had to endure a punishment that was just plain unfair. I had to spend a week in Philadelphia. Of course, I took it as an opportunity to parade around in every piece of Mets equipment I owned with pride, and I did have fun with that, but it still was unfair to be forced to look at the entire city in love with a team that I can’t stomach for anything. I’d like to see them play half their games at Citi Field, barring Chase Utley, because he seems to know how to hit there. But in all seriousness, it was a rough week, because the Mets went 2-6, managing a win against STL and only one against the Padres. And we lost Niese. But in a bittersweet tone, we’ll move on to this week’s award.

My choice for MetsMerized Player Of The Week is… Angel Pagan!


Angel had been on my honorable mentions list for 3 weeks in a row, and no one could doubt that he was putting his heart into every game he played since returning to the Mets. Pagan really has been an Angel in the outfield as not only is he playing great defense, he’s hitting the ball pretty well.

Pagan batted .308 (8-26; 2 3B, 1 HR) last week, posting 6 RBI and 1 HR, team leading and tied for team lead, respectively. Throw in a .577 SLG, which led all position players. Pagan had 15 TB, which led the team and he also managed to throw in a stolen base. He walked 3 times and scored 5 runs. He logged a perfect week on defense.

I’m glad to see Angel succeed, and I hope he can keep it up in this season that seems to be falling apart as the days go along. He can be a great fourth OF next year, and he’s a speedy replacement off the bench. So Kudos to Angel Pagan!

Honorable Mentions:

Oliver Perez: 1 GS : 6.1 IP, 1 ER, 2 BB, 2 H, 7 K, QS, ND

David Wright: .333 (9-27; 1 2B, 1 HR), 4 RBI, 13 TB, 4 BB, 4 R

Past Award Winners :

One Hit Wonders : Luis Castillo, Ryan Church, Daniel Murphy, Johan Santana, Jeff Francoeur, David Wright, Angel Pagan

Of Note 8/2-8/9

The Mets had 4 HRs this week (Wright, Cora, Pagan, Murphy). But they had 22 BB.

Jon Niese went down with a season ending injury. I was upset reading about it, and I cringed watching it. He had finally found his way as a pitcher, and then this happens.

Bobby Parnell took his spot in the rotation and didn’t do too well. He gets about an 85 pitch leash in his next start. He did manage a 3 inning save against the Cardinals, though.

K-rod had an ERA of 31.50 this week, and I won’t discuss the blown saves. Personally, I attribute it to rust. K-rod is at his best when he’s pitching constantly.

Welcome back, Anderson Hernandez.

On a lighter note :

  • Billy Wagner may return very soon throwing 94 MPH. He supposedly developed a split finger changeup about a year ago in Spring Training, and jokingly said he could be the fifth starter. (Don’t hurt me if it happens.)
  • Nelson Figueroa posted a SLG of 3.000 and an AVG of 1.000 last week.
  • The NYM Rotation : Santana, Pelfrey, Perez, Hernandez, Parnell.
  • I’m still believing.