Mets To Make Citi More Metsmerized!

It figures that the Mets would suddenly pick a random weekend in August to suddenly decide that they want to make Citi Field more Mets-centric or as we like to say, MetsMerized!

With the team continuing to struggle and attendance sagging, the Mets are slashing ticket prices and giving Mets fans a new reason to come to the park.

According to several sources, we will finally be able to see more tributes to Mets players and historic Mets moments around the park.

One thins I read said that they were setting up the giant facsimile baseball cards of many of the Mets former stars and players throughout their history. That peaked my interest because when I was a kid, all I ever collected was Mets baseball cards. Every spring when Topps released their new cards I would grab a copy of Sports Collectors Digest and see who had the best deal on the new Mets team sets. I used to save up my money to be the older team sets as they were quite expensive even back then.

I don’t know which Mets baseball cards the Mets plan to choose, but I’m hoping that a couple of these make the cut.



How awesome is that Jerry Koosman / Nolan Ryan rookie card! Today, that card is worth over one thousand dollars in near mint condition. I used to think my 1984 Topps Traded Dwight Gooden rookie card would be worth at least that much by the time his career was over, but sadly you can pick up one for about three bucks today.

The Mets have had some great looking baseball cards over the years (and some ugly ones too) and I still have most of the ones I collected as a kid.

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to seeing some of these cards decorating the walls of Citi Field starting this weekend.

The Mets also plan to display the Mets championship banners on the left-field wall too. Actually, I can’t believe those banners have waited this long to appear… Better late then never I guess.

We all know that this is just a transparent attempt to appease us after a bummer of a season, but whatever it takes right?

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