Mets Lose an Ugly One to the Braves 15-2

The Mets (56-64) lost to the Braves (63-57) by a score of 15-2.

Bobby Parnell made his 3rd start of the year, and was he bad. In the second inning the Braves sent 11 men to the plate. HOWEVER, in defense of Bobby he could have gotten out of the inning when it was only 3-0.

This is only his 3rd start, so no one be alarmed. With the Mets out of playoff contention there is no harm in experimenting with different things, even if it means losing a game. There is nothing to lose here. If he does well as a starter for the rest of the season, then great the Mets have found another starter for 2010. If he does poor, then OK you just put him back in relief in ’10, where you know he will do fine.

With runners on 1st and 3rd, two outs, Anderson Hernandez picked up a ground ball, who then proceeded to flip the ball to Luis Castillo at 2nd. There is one problem with that, Castillo was not at second base. Hernandez then threw to first, but was to late, and the runners scored making it 4-0, but that was only the beginning for poor Bobby who looked so lost at times.

Nothing of note with the offense. It was non existent. Hey can you blame them? Even for the elite teams in the MLB, it’s hard to make a come back of this magnitude.

Three quick notes:

1. Tim Redding tonight, 3.0 IP 3 ER4 H 2 HR. His ERA, 6.53. Is he worth $2.25 million? In my opinion, no.

2. On this date, August 19, 2003 the Mets were 54-70, and last in the NL East, and 26.5 GB. So if your feeling sad about this season, just think it could be worse.

3.Of Course on this date, August 19, 2006 the Mets were  74-48, and led the division by 14 games. Oh how long ago that was.