Mets Lose a Heartbreaker 12-7

If Mets fans were given a nickle for every heart breaking loss we’ve suffered beginning with Yadier Molina’s home run 3 years ago, we’d have enough to buy the ball club from the Wilpons. The Cardinals rallied in the ninth inning and Frankie Rodriguez blew his fourth save of the year to give the Red Birds the victory. Ankiel and Lugo got the inning started with back to back doubles to cut what was a 7-5 lead down to 7-6. Later in the inning, Schumacker tied the game with an RBI single. The Mets would lose it in the 10th when Sean Green hit Mark Derosa with the bases loaded  to give the Cardinals the 8-7 lead, which they would hold on to.

There’s not much to say about this game. The Mets have found new ways to lose, and apparently new ways to get injured. Luis Castillo hurt himself falling down the dugout stairs in the 7th and was diagnosed for now with a “sprained ankle.” I guess the drill is now for him to be called day to day and be out for the rest of the season. This season has been unbelievable.

What was lost in such a heart wrenching defeat was a solid, but not great outing by Johan Santana. He pitched 8 innings and gave up 5 runs on 9 hits. He did not have his best stuff, but left the game with the lead and was able to pitch deep in the game.

Santana did not have his fastball tonight. He was hitting 89-90 consistently, but he was throwing a lot of strikes and the Cardinals were very aggresive. Jerry Manuel must have loved to be able to have a game where he could go have Santana hand the ball of the K-Rod. Frankie was not able to hold up his part of the bargain, which could be blamed on the fact that he has not pitched very often in the second half of the season.

The Mets showed some heart early in the game by rallying from down 1-0 to take a 3-1 lead, and then scoring 4 times in the 5th to give them a 7-4 lead. However, as said before, it wasn’t enough and they ended up losing their 4th out 5 games.

The Mets will be back in action tomorrow in a day game when Jon Niese (1-1, 4.50) hosts Kyle Lohse (4-6 4.14) at 12:10.

Editors note) Drew Costello first wrote this for Mets Fans Forever