Livan Hernandez Is Released Then Sued

Just days after being released by the New York Mets, pitcher Livan Hernandez was handed a $16,000 lawsuit, TMZ reports.

The lawsuit, which was filed by a man named Luis Vizcaino, states that Livan had used him as his personal driver throughout the 2009 season for when he was in New York.

According to the suit, Hernandez owes Vizcaino $7,500 for his services as a driver. The suit also alleges that the pitcher totaled Vizcaino’s Lincoln Navigator when it was loaned to him, which is where the other $8,500 is coming from.

If the lawsuit is in fact legitimate, shame on Livan. Here’s a baseball player, who this year alone made one million dollars alone, and is trying to skip out of town without paying off the debt he owes.