Jon Niese Out For The Rest Of The Season!

Add Jon Niese to the disabled list for the rest of the year, the 22 year old lefthander suffered an injury in today’s afternoon game.  It didn’t look good and as “luck” would have it the news is nowhere near good.  Niese had an MRI done and the results of the MRI revealed a complete tear of his hamstring tendon.  This injury will require for him to have season ending surgery but should be ready to go for Spring Training next year.

This is a horrible blow to the rotation as Maine is still suffering from “shoulder weakness.”  I’m not quite sure who the Mets are going to call up, Lance Broadway who the Mets got in the trade for Ramon Castro, perhaps leave Nelson Figeroua in the rotation?  I know there were some rumblings earlier in the day about putting Parnell in the rotation but he’s been in the pen all year, it will take a little time for him to develop the arm strength to be a starter.

It just continues to amaze me how these guys are getting injured and not one person on the training staff has yet to be fired.  I wonder if Omar will investigate them first.

There is no word yet on Gary Sheffield as of this writing.