I Urge The Wilpons To Spare Us Anymore Frustration

According to Matt Cerrone and Adam Rubin, Omar Minaya could be getting phased out in favor of John Ricco who is currently the Assistant GM of the Mets. They also speculate that there could be a swap of roles where Omar slips into a player development role, while Ricco becomes the front man.

I’m no longer a big fan of Omar, as readers of this site fully know, but if we are going to replace him, I would hope that his replacement would come from outside of the organization. I believe that everyone in the organization is somewhat tainted by all the incompetency, losing and embarrassments of the last three years. We are in need of some fresh ideas and new perspectives, and that can only come with a new regime. If we keep the current regime in place, they’ll just keep giving us their same old vision with a new coat of paint that always ends up chipping and peeling by the end of the season.

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, doesn’t agree entirely with Matt and Adam, and says that Omar Minaya isn’t going anywhere, and that the Mets are simply giving Ricco some additional exposure, and that’s a good thing.

There is growing industry buzz that the Mets might force general manager Omar Minaya into an advisory position and replace him with assistant GM. John Ricco at the end of the season.

The Mets are not even considering such a change at this time, according to a major-league source. But don’t be surprised if Ricco continues to assume a more visible role with the team, particularly in dealing with the media.

Whether or not you believe the rumors that Omar is being phased out, Joel Sherman of the NY Post passes along an interesting way to decide on the fates of both Manuel and Minaya, and offers some advice to the Mets on his Hardball blog,

Here is a litmus test that Jeff Wilpon should apply when it comes to assessing whether Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel should return for 2010: Can you imagine them still in their jobs five years from now. Because if you can’t aren’t you really — in some ways — giving up on the 2010 season, as well? Wilpon knows both men well enough at this point; either he wants to move forward with them long-term or he doesn’t.

All this talk of firing Omar or Manuel is already beginning to wear me out. What I don’t want to see, is an off season that becomes overshadowed by Omar and Manuel and their immediate futures. If the Wilpon’s have any decency, they will not allow our hot stove season to be overwhelmed with a barrage of rumors and speculation that have nothing to do with fixing the flaws on our team.

My advice to the Wilpon’s is simply this; if you have already toyed with idea of firing either of them, then it’s probably inevitable and you should do it now. This season has already been as bad as you can get. Don’t ruin our 2010 season as well by keeping this situation lingering until then.

We have remained loyal to this franchise through thick and thin, so please step up and publicly give one or both of these guys a clear and convincing vote of confidence, or dismiss them with due haste. You owe us at least that much.

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