Has Omar Waved The White Flag?

With the Mets making absolutely no moves at the trade deadline, it makes me wonder if Omar Minaya has given up on this years team. After winning 6 of 9, most Mets fans are believing, but apparently Minaya is not.

Minaya has also not pushed very hard to get Reyes, Beltran, Delgado, Maine, and Putz back into the lineup. He is letting them take their time. If Minaya thinks that the season is over then he should of hung these guys up for the rest of the season, but he didn’t. The end of his term as Mets GM seems to come closer and closer when he yet again failed to make improvements at the deadline.

If he has not noticed, the Mets need help in many areas and none of them were addressed as the trade deadline came and went. He could of easily made improvements to one of the many problems the Mets currently have. He could of traded a few prospects for Cliff Lee to boost the starting rotation. The Phillies got him without dealing their top prospects. Even Jarod Washburn would have been a good fit for the Mets. Ryan Garko, Adam La Roche, Nick Johnson or Victor Martinez would have filled in at first and gave the Mets more power until Delgado comes back (if he comes back). I am sure the Mets could have picked up someone from the Pirates garage sale also. George Sherill could have made the bullpen more effective then it currently is. With Minaya failing to react, it makes it extremely difficult for the Mets to make the playoffs.

Maybe Omar was too caught up in the Adam Rubin incident or maybe Jeff Wilpon has no money left. Whatever the case is, please tell us.

Omar has to understand that without Reyes, Beltran, and Delgado, the Mets are not a playoff caliber team.  If he had only made just one or two trades the Mets could have been in good shape and maybe in a position to make a strong push for the playoffs.  I guess Omar does not trust his team or his coaches enough, and felt that even with some improvements the Mets will still not make the playoffs. If that is true than he should be fired as GM.