Past the Point of Ridiculous.

There really isn’t much else to say. Frankly, the only reason to watch a Mets game now is to enjoy Gary, Keith & Ron. How sad is that? 

I have never in my life experienced or seen a team that at one point in the season had it’s entire main core of players, all on the DL. Jose Reyes, Carlos Delgado, Carlos Beltran, David Wright and Johan Santana. They WERE the Mets. That’s our core. It’s unbelievable to me to even think about the odds of this happening. 

Here’s a stat to really hit this home. With just using salaries for the above 5 guys, plus J.J. Putz, John Maine, and Alex Cora, the Mets have just over $73 million dollars sitting on the disabled list right now. SEVENTY-THREE MILLION!

That is more money than the following teams spend on their entire payroll:

Tampa Bay
San Diego

It’s so bad, that I almost hope that Gary Cohen does his best drunken Harry Doyle impersonation for the rest of the season. 

You know, I REALLY hope the Mets don’t do anything ridiculous like try to raise ticket prices next year. Heck, they may want to consider lowering them a bit as a sign of good faith to the fan base. They better figure something out, and quick, or else they are going to find themselves with a lot of empty seats in 2010 at beautiful Citi Field.

I’ve never been one to believe in curses, but is it possible any fan base really has as bad of luck as the Mets do right now?

Seventy-Three Million Dollars.

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Michael Branda grew up a Mets fan watching the mid 1980's teams and his favorite Met of all-time is (and was) Wally Backman. When it comes to sabermetrics versus old school thinking, he's in the middle and believes adopting new ways to get answers is helpful, especially when the old way has not produced results.