Enjoying The Next Two Months

At this stage of the game I would think that even the most optimistic of Met fans would have to agree that there will be no “meaningful September baseball” this year. With a schedule featuring mostly teams that were below .500 the Mets had a chance to make a splash in the NL Wild Card race, instead they made a thud. The Mets have been a part of my summer for well over thirty years, I’m not about to turn away now. Instead, for the first time in a few years, I’m going to concentrate on individuals instead of the team.

I would like to see more of Angel Pagan. Since signing with the Mets this is the first chance we’ve seen him play for an extended period. I like how he works the count as a leadoff hitter. I also like his speed and defense. In 2010 I would not be terribly upset with an outfield of Pagan, Beltran and Francoeur.

Speaking of Francoeur, a lot has been written about the spark he brought to the Met clubhouse. I think this is a case of Francoeur needing a change, and the Mets needing Francoeur’s personality. Prior to joining the Mets I didn’t know too much about Jeff. I look forward to watching him play the rest of this season. If he continues to produce, and with his attitude, Jeff could become a huge star here in New York.

On this next player, I’m certain I’m in the minority, but I like Daniel Murphy. Murphy is one of the most aggressive defensive first baseman I’ve seen in a while. Its surprising just how good Murph is at first. I’d like to see him hit better, and hopefully that will come. I will say this though, Murphy is one of the most intense competitors I’ve seen. It looks to me that Murph would walk through a fire for his team.

How about Omir Santos? He’s certainly had a magical year this year. Lets hope it continues.

Then there’s Jon Niese. It’ll be fun to watch him develop and grow too.

Every night when Johan Santana pitches, its must see TV. I wish Johan, that great competitor, nothing but wins the rest of the way out.

Lastly, the face of the Mets, David Wright. Sure he doesn’t have the power numbers this year. But game in, game out he goes out there and hustles. He’s hitting for average this year. He loves getting his uniform dirty. David Wright’s style of play has earned him so much goodwill, there is no way you could criticize him.

The last two months of this season will be different, but it can also be fun too. LETS GO METS!