Brief Update on the Condition of David Wright

Update 9:10 PM – David Wright has suffered a concussion, and will remained hospitalized overnight at the Hospital for Special Surgery.

* * * * * *

During the latter portion of Fox’s telecast of today’s Mets game, video showed David Wright, dressed in a gray shirt and shorts boarding an ambulance.

He appeared to be rather steady on his feet and did not require assistance of any kind to get into the emergency vehicle. This is certainly a good sign because it certainly did not appear that David would have been leaving the ballpark under his own power after that kind of impact he took to the head.

Afterward, the ambulance left en route to a local hospital. He will be undergoing tests throughout the evening and more should be known about his condition tomorrow morning.

Ironically, this whole ordeal comes just one day after Wright himself endorsed a newer, more padded batting helmet that sports manufacturer, Rawlings, is trying to get Major League players to wear.

On a side note, Giants starter Matt Cain, who threw the pitch that hit Wright, was seen tipping his hat to the crowded while he exited the ball game. In my opinion, that is a pretty classless move on his behalf considering what had occurred earlier on in the ball game.