Almost Like It Was, 30 Years Ago

Winston Churchill said “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”, and with the 2009 Mets that seems to the case.

Come back in time with me 30 or so years. Its the late 1970’s. Mrs. Payson has died and left her beloved Mets to her daughter, Lorinda De Roulet, who does not share her mother’s love of baseball and the Mets. She granted general manager M. Donald Grant complete control of the Mets. Grant didn’t believe in free agency (which was brand new at the time), and Mets fans saw an out of touch GM deal many of their favorite Mets away. He even did the unthinkable and traded The Franchise, Tom Seaver to the Reds for four nothings.

Here we are now in 2009. Mets owner Fred Wilpon has been nowhere to be found. We have not heard a peep from the senior Wilpon. His son Jeff Wilpon, who is the COO of the Mets, has placed blind faith in his clueless GM Omar Minaya. It’s almost as if Jeff Wilpon has been possessed by Lorinda De Roulet. Jeff has stood loyally by Omar, and has simply watched as Omar continues to run the team into the ground.

This season will the third straight season that will end in embarrassment for the Mets. Read this blog and other’s like it. The Met fans are disgusted with this team, and this do-nothing GM. CitiField in 2010 could very possibly look like Shea Stadium circa 1979. Sure injuries have had a role in this dismal season, but even with the two Carloses and Reyes playing, the Mets were a team that played poor baseball. Even if Reyes, Beltran and Delgado were healthy, the starting pitching is so bad the Mets would need to score seven runs a night to win.

Met fans are the greatest fans around. However Met fans do not like to be embarrassed. That’s what happened these last three years. its time for Omar to go, or the Wilpons will be stuck with a team like the one they purchased almost thirty years ago.