A New Role For The Mets

With the Mets pretty much limping to the finish line of the 2009 baseball season I’m finding myself having to adjust the way I watch Met games. Yesterday I made an entry about how I’m rooting for individual players on this team, and wishing them the best. After thinking about that entry a bit, a thought occurred to me: this year the Mets can play spoiler. For the last two years the Florida Marlins have been a thorn in the side of the Mets. Snatching playoff hope from the Mets and their fans at the very end of the season. Wouldn’t it be sweet this year to reverse the role. As of this writing the Marlins trail the Phils by five games. The Mets will be playing the Marlins six times between August 14th and September 17.

But why just ruin the Marlins season? On August 14th the San Francisco Giants will be in town for a four game series. The Giants right now are co-wild card leaders with the Rockies. It’s sure be nice for the Mets to treat the Giants the same way they treated the Rockies when they were in town. Atlanta and the Phillies are also at CitiField for that home stand. Its always nice to beat the Braves and Phils, and with no pressure, the Mets can play as loose as they want.

After the ten game home stand the Mets hit the road going to Florida, Chicago, and Colorado. Florida is a road trip only because the Mets aren’t playing at CF. Usually when the Mets go to south Florida there are more Met fans then Marlin fans at the game. It sure would be nice to sweep that three game trip. It would also be great to win the series in Chicago & Colorado.

The point here is, the Mets have a chance to play spoiler. For the last two years we’ve watched the Mets stumble through September. Wouldn’t it be sweet if the Mets played their best baseball during this upcoming 31 game stretch against playoff contenders? If the Mets do play good ball, perhaps they could ruin another team’s season. Then maybe, just maybe these other teams and fans could appreciate the heartache we’ve felt for the past two seasons. Maybe then they would think twice before joking about choking.