We Take These Reports Seriously and Are Investigating the Matter

That was the statement the New York Mets released today regarding the firestorm surrounding a report that Joe posted earlier today regarding Mets VP of Player Development.

Who do the Mets think they are fooling?

They knew about these incidents long before they leaked out thanks in great part to the investigative efforts of Adam Rubin of the Daily News.

They had this information in their hands since prior to the All Star break, but did nothing until the incidents went viral and exposed the Mets organization as the most dysfunctional team in sports.

Here is what we posted early this morning.

This morning, we learned that while in the clubhouse of the Binghamton Mets, Tony Bernazard challenged a few of the Mets young players, who are mostly 21 years old or less, to a fist fight. He actually tore off his shirt and personally challenged some of the Mets prospects to a physical confrontation. Adam Rubin reports,

The Binghamton Mets clubhouse nearly turned into a scene out of WWE Raw recently, when VP for player development Tony Bernazard removed his shirt and challenged the Double-A players to a fight during a postgame tirade, multiples sources told the Daily News.

Bernazard particularly went after middle infield prospect Jose Coronado, using a slang term associated with a woman’s anatomy, a source indicated. The confrontation happened about 10 days before the All-Star break, according to insiders.

What does it say about the integrity of the Mets when they knowingly tried to hide this embarrassing bombshell, and worse yet, they were prepared to do nothing about it.

Now, all of a sudden they want to swoop in like Dick Tracy and investigate the matter? Really?

As for Omar… Shame on you!

Omar Minaya remarked that he knew about the incident and totally downplayed it yesterday. At worst, he is an accomplice after the fact. At best he is an irresponsible general manager who cares little about the image of the organization he is paid to run. His integrity has taken a huge hit.

I’m shocked, but not surprised. Nothing surprises me anymore where the Mets are concerned.

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