Unhappy Recaps, Slip-Slidin’ Away

I just read Vac’s Whacks in the Post. Mike Vaccaro is one of my favorite sports journalists, and I almost always incline toward his take on the Mets.

This morning he pronounces the death knell for our 2009 season, Mets fans.

I know I’m not going to win any friends or have any influence by saying the following, but I am beginning to be overtaken by hopelessness. Yes, it’s true: before yesterday’s game I had hope–high ones at that.

So what, now that we’ve lost one game I’m giving up? Well, yes and no. I am always wondering when to feel a final prediction is safe. I know, if and when we’re mathematically eliminated, but then that’s not a prediction, is it? If we get swept in Atlanta, I think we’re doomed. My expectation was a for a series split. Seriously, .500 ball for one series will already be a cut above our first half record.

I feel more gloomish and doomish than usual because of all of the players’ comments I read, from Perez to Wright to Schneider. A fast creeping sense of defeatism seems to be taking over. Let’s put it this way, we go ten games behind, I don’t think we have any chance to catch breath again.

You don’t seriously expect the Phucks to go into a major tailspin now, do you? Memory serves to tell me they’ve been pretty strong finishers recently. Furthermore, we have to focus on beating Atlanta and the Marlins. If we can’t do that, first place will not even go through Philly for us.

I will watch tonight, and I will be praying. We all know Pelf was a disaster last year against Braves, esp. in Atlanta. Jurrjens has been pretty tough on us. Make a stand, Mets! Reverse course immediately.