Time To Change the Channel

A thought occurred to me last night as the score reached 7-0 Dodgers—I don’t have to watch this crap if I don’t want to.  Not that there’s much on TV besides baseball during the summer except horrible reality shows and re-runs, but I’d rather see anything these days besides watching our Mets get trounced and embarrassed night after night.  So I reached the breaking point, and that breaking point was to reach for the remote. 

I know I’m not alone, because many of you are posting today about knowing what the outcome of each game will be before it happens, and spending your time and your money on something other than the Mets.  Sad, but it’s the truth.  Management keeps using injuries as the big excuse, but you just can’t do that for more than a week or two and start expecting that when the big bats come back, the team will suddenly start catching every ball and throwing to the right base and not running into outs. 

Well, I’m about to give you more proof that this season is virtually over.  Every Tuesday I read the USA Today MLB statistics, and yesterday I scanned them to find some more interesting tidbits.  Through Sunday, the Mets were second in the National League in batting with a .270 average.  Meanwhile, the Phillies were tenth with a .256 average.  However, the Mets have 50 homers and 334 RBI, while Philly has 110 homers and 393 RBI.  The Mets have hit into 77 double plays, tied with Houston for most in the NL, while the Phils have hit into 53.  You want more?  How about the Mets have committed 55 errors to Philly’s 32?  Are you following me?  The Phillies are a much, much more efficient team, and they come to play, when they face the Mets in particular.  I’m not going to beat a dead horse beyond this, but Jimmy Rollins is hitting .224 with 7 home runs and 33 RBI, but against the Mets he’s hitting .293 with 2 homers and 10 RBI. 

I haven’t even mentioned the pitching, but if Johan can’t give us a win here or there, who else do we have to count on?  Pelfrey follows a gem last week with a giant thud last night, Livan is pitching on borrowed time and everything else is a roller coaster ride.  The bullpen is not much better than last year. 
So go ahead, when the Dodgers go up 3-0 after an inning or two tonight, just change the channel. 

That’s what I’m going to do, if I even put the game on at all.