Throw In The Towel For 2009?

The most frightening part about it though, is that there is no help coming anytime soon. If Oliver Perez is the best reinforcement this team is going to gain in the next month, then I’d be hard pressed not to throw in the towel on this appalling 2009 campaign. Certainly you can point fingers, throw the blame around to the front office and the coaching staff and to the injuries suffered on the field, but honestly, the problem with the Mets has little to do with any of those elements.

Sure the injuries the Mets have been forced to endure are probably far too crushing to overcome, however there are countless other reasons why the Mets are just a flat out terrible baseball team. Facing reality though, in the best case scenario that all of Jose Reyes, Carlos Delgado, John Maine, Carlos Beltran and JJ Putz returned by mid-august8 0.just how far out will the team be from contending for either the division or wild card. In my estimation it may already be out of reach.

When Tim Redding and Livan Hernandez are counted on to attain important victories, there is an issue. When David Wright has only five long balls or Bobby Parnell goes from an untradeable setup man to a seldom used mop up reliever in the span of a week, that is alarming. When arguably your weakest position coming into the season, catcher, leads your team in runs batted in, a red flag has to be raised. And last but absolutely not least, the New York Mets are just not fundamentally sound defensively.

As angry Mets fans continue to rant and rave for bolstering the lineup with the likes of Adam Dunn or Aubrey Huff, I raise the question, just how much would those guys really make? In my whole hearted opinion, very little. The Mets have holes and issues that cannot be counted on two hands, the addition of one bat cannot compensate for all that they lack. Plus, the price that they are going to have to pay to get a bat at this point is going to be=2 0far too hefty. The Mets could acquire Manny Ramirez tomorrow, I still would not bet that they would finish the season any better than they could have without him.

When you cannot throw the ball to first base, when you cannot secure a fly ball in your glove, when you cannot hit a cutoff man, how much is a 450 foot home run really going to help? At this point, it is in the team’s best interest to try and raise the stock of guys like Nick Evans and Daniel Murphy going forward, if for no other reason than to trade them in the offseason for power hitting and pitching. With whispers of a hot pursuit of Roy Halladay by the Phillies, that may be all the reason more to throw the towel in on the 2009 season, and this is coming from the ultimate Met optimist. The bottom line is that for the last three seasons, the Mets have had no ability to overcome adversity, in clutch situations and pressure filled moments, they fold….when the team has to cope with injuries to its core like they are currently doing, they have given me no reason to prove they will overcome this obstacle either.