They Haven’t Scored Since Saturday!

The Mets were shut out Tuesday night by the Dodgers over at Citi Field, the final score Dodgers 8, Mets 0. The last time the Mets scored was on Saturday afternoon. The scoreless streak is at 18+ innings. At what point does Jerry Manuel wake up and realize his offensive strategy isn’t working?

Why does Jerry continue to trot out double play machine Fernando Tatis? I know Tatis was comeback player of the year last year, but how many guys have had decent seasons the year after they won comeback player? Maybe its time to just release Tatis, and either platoon Murphy and Evans at first, or bring someone up from the minors. Tatis is batting a whopping .253 this year, eleven points less than his lifetime batting average.

Next, its time to give Jeremy Reed some substantial playing time. Reed is a decent outfielder and he’s batting .280 so far. For reason, known only to Jerry, Reed rides the bench most nights. Completely unacceptable.

Why is Fernando Martinez still here with his .176 batting average and sore leg? Omar, wake up here. The kid is NOT ready. His leg hurts, why is he taking up a spot on the roster? I just looked at the Buffalo roster. There are two outfielders down there, Cory Sullivan (.297 BA), and Jesus Feliciano (.300 BA). Lets get Martinez out of here and bring one of these guys up here. They can’t be worse than F-Mart has been so far.

For those of you who watched tonight’s game, did you see how Torre’s Dodgers worked the count. How they made Mets pitchers throw strikes? Did anyone on the Mets bench notice this? All the years Torre’s teams have won championships they always force the opposing pitchers to throw strikes. When the Mets are at bat, they swing like they have 11:00 PM dinner reservations and they don’t want to be late. Its time for Hojo to go. Its time for the Mets to stop this silly notion of bringing back coaches from 1986 for nostalgia’s sake.

We all hear about the errors the Mets make on defense, but on offense they are making plenty of mistakes too.