The Omar and Adam Show

I just finished watching the Mets post game show on SNY, and I have to say, I am shocked by Omar Minaya’s comments about Daily News Mets beat reporter Adam Rubin. How can Omar Minaya say with a straight face that Rubin wrote his articles with the intent of tearing down Tony Bernazard? Omar once again came of as a blithering idiot. Anyone who saw Minaya’s initial press conference when he mentioned Rubin had to wonder what the Mets G.M. was talking about. Lets give Jeff Wilpon some credit here, he saw his G.M. was looking like a complete fool. He paraded Minaya out in front of the press to explain his comments. It didn’t work though, because Omar still looked like a fool.

The fact is this, Bernazard acted like a complete kook. The story was not going away. It is incumbent upon Adam Rubin, or any other reporter who had this story to report it fully. Rubin was doing his job.

As for Omar, he was again handled a just firing like a complete boob. Last year when he fired Willie Randolph, he got beat up for doing it the middle of the night. Yesterday when he announced Berazard’s firing he blamed it on the press. Can Omar handle a firing cleanly?

There’s an old adage about dealing with media, Minaya as a New York guy should know it well: Never start a war of words with guys who buy there ink by the barrel.